The clusterpath package provides an R/C++ implementation of the algorithms described in Hocking et al. Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Machine Learning (2011). If you use this software, please cite the conference paper:

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To use the code, first install and load the package and its dependencies in R.


You can also install clusterpath from source if you have Subversion:

system("svn checkout svn:// clusterpath")
system("R CMD INSTALL clusterpath")
## calculate the l1 clusterpath
breakpoints <-[,1:4])
l1 clusterpath on the iris data
## calculate the weighted l2 clusterpath
path <- clusterpath.l2(iris[,1:4],gamma=1)
scatter plot matrix of the l2
clusterpath on the iris data
## compare the 2 results.
## first find the multidimensional breakpoints:
bpts4d <- castbreakpoints(breakpoints)
## concatenate the solution path data.frames:
solutions <- rbind(bpts4d,path)
## plot the 2 paths using ggplot2:
2d projection of l2 clusterpath on the iris data
## From examples(cluster3d), requires package rgl.
## Compares l1 and l2 paths in 3 dimensions.
3d clusterpath of iris data


There are two versions of clusterpath: one that depends on Rcpp and one that does not. Both contain the same functions for optimization and clustering. If one does not work, try installing the other:


Also, you may have to install a more recent version of R.

Other clusterpath solvers

Below is a list of all the clusterpath solvers that I know of. Please write me an email if I missed anything!

Author Language Norms Algorithm Code
Toby Dylan Hocking R/C/C++ 1, 2 Active set primal R packages clusterpath and clusterpathRcpp (R-Forge), source
Armand Joulin MATLAB Infinity Franck-Wolfe source zip
Eric C. Chi and Kenneth Lange R/C 2, Infinity AMA, ADMM R package cvxclustr (CRAN)
Gary K Chen, et al. C++ (GPU) 2 Proximal distance CONVEXCLUSTER
Daniel Duckworth Python 1, 2, Infinity Coordinate ascent cvxcluster

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